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Female Magazine turns 40!

female magazine

I have always known Female Magazine as being one of the leading female publications in Singapore.  As a model, booking a spread in Female meant that you were guaranteed to end up with high quality and gorgeous photos that would be a great addition to your  portfolio. As a TV presenter/actress, a feature in Female meant you would get a chance to reach out to a wide range of the trendiest people in the country. Having always been a fan and reader myself, I know that when I pick up a copy of Female I will be getting the latest fashion and beauty news, great shopping ideas and everything a busy girl wants to know about local and international designers. female june09

Female Shopping tipsI have seen the magazine evolve and transition over the years and just recently, it celebrated its 40th year in the industry! 40YEARS….Wow! That’s a long time!!!  It was an honour to be part of such a big milestone and memorable event for the magazine and I had an absolute blast being the host for the night. 

Hosting female 40th

The celebration was held at the ever so hip and trendy W Hotel Sentosa and it was packed with Singapore’s most stylish fashionistas and beauty mavens. The event organiser, Division Communications, did it again-with endless amounts of bubbles, cute customised cupcakes and awesome music by W’s resident DJ Has and Female’s very own contributing editor David Fuhrmann-Lim, it had every element of a great party. 

Female cupcakes

In line with its 40th anniversary Female made their April 2014 issue  a special collectors edition which showcases a  totally revamped look. Looking forward, you can expect a newer, more cutting edge vibe to the magazine whilst still getting everything you need to know about the fashion and beauty world.

Female April

Huge congrats to the Female team on the big 4-0 !!!!

Oh! and I can’t forget my adorable dress from Love Bonito‘s runway collection! Fun, feminine and flirty-it was perfect for the event! Thank you Love Bonito! 


Natural Brow Perfection

Lipstick, mascara, hair dye, nail polish- you name it, we’re constantly doing things and finding ways to highlight and enhance what God has gifted us with. We do all these things because it makes us feel good and confident which ultimately makes us happy! If they would only come out with a device where with just a simple push of a button….voilah! we’re all dolled up and ready to hit the town in a matter of minutes. Ahhh….Wouldn’t that be awesome? Ok, so there isn’t such a device just yet, but we’re slowly getting there!


I always believed that eyebrows can say a lot about a person’s face and can do wonders in bringing out our eyes. Now, not all of us are gifted with thick dark luscious brows, but we manage with what we have by filling in those gaps and sparse areas with a brow pencil. I’ll admit, my brows aren’t completely nonexistant but I have little empty blotches and if I don’t fill them in they have a weird shape. I never really had any issues with having to fill them in, but wouldn’t it be nice to not have to do it? Imagine how much time would that save? Ok, so just a couple minutes, but hey, those minutes I could use instead to leave a little earlier or grab a quick bite on the way out. You know what I mean? Well….Imagine no more!! Browhaus is here!

I was told about the ‘brow resurrection’ that Browhaus specialises in by a makeup artist friend that had it done. If a makeup artist approves, then I thought it’s gotta be worth checking out. I learned that the semi-permanent procedure is done using 100% vegetable dye. So no harmful chemicals and no risk of it turning green or gray like those outdated eyebrow tattoo jobs done in the 90s. Eeks! After seeing the outcome and that it was done using pure veggie dye, I thought – lets do it!

On the day of the treatment I met with Weiying from Browhaus who thoroughly explained more about the brow resurrection in detail. She then took me to meet my therapist, Elisa who talked me through the steps that would be taken to achieve the perfect brows for my face. I was going for Browhaus latest offering, Brow Resurrection Natural. Elisa and I first discussed the shape of my brows, how I normally shape/draw them and what would be the best way to enhance them. Then she drew in my brow shape and from there we discussed what areas I wanted to adjust. After the shape was perfected we then moved onto selecting the brow colour. I chose the closest to my natural brow colour, which is a coffee brown. Now that all of the prepping was settled, it was time for the real stuff!

Elisa first applied numbing cream on my brows to relieve any discomfort during the procedure. She then slowly and gently made little ‘scratches’ on my brows followed by continuous dabbing of the veggie dye. I didn’t feel a thing at first until she moved onto the second brow where I felt little pricks, it wasn’t anything unbearable, but Elisa offered to apply more numbing cream so that I wouldn’t be uncomfortable. The actual procedure took around 20min and the prepping and discussion beforehand took around 40min- all together around an hour or so. Not bad for brows that’ll last up to 2 years!

After Elisa was done, she passed me the mirror to check out the final work. What? Are you serious? It actually looked like my brow hairs had magically grown in those 20 minutes. The little scratches Elysa was making were to replicate little tiny hairs as they were done from root to tip and tapered at the end. A technique that is unique to Browhaus. Ahh-mazing! There were minor things I wanted to alter which she easily  did on the spot, but she advised any other adjustments to be made after the first couple of weeks as the colour will fade and I may feel differently then. Also since they suggest to return for touch ups and touch ups every 3-4 months, if I wanted, I could always adjust things then as well. Here’s what my brows looked like before and after undergoing Brow Resurrection Natural:


Unknown 2

Before heading home, I was instructed on how to take care of my brows so that they will stay tip top shape. I was given a solution called Build and cream called Fix to apply morning and night. How cute are the names? Here’s more about them…..

Build consists of Growth Factors to help repair and regenerate new skin cells that have been weakened or damaged. It is imperative for locking in the colour to prevent fading or smudging.

Fix is an anti-scarring balm with Vitamins A, D and Lanolin, which help to fix skin wounds. Vitamins A and D aids the skin healing process while Lanolin creates a protective layer over the wound to prevent skin infection. Fix also moisturizes and prevents dryness.

I was told to avoid vigorous exercise for a week, no facials for 2 weeks, no makeup on the brows for 2 weeks and to not pick or scratch when it starts to scab, which happens in the first 3-5days. The scabbing wasn’t a biggie- I hardly noticed it so it wasn’t like an “OMG my brows are grossly peeling off my face” kinda thing. I had to take a break from the gym and jogging for a week, but I still took light walks with my furball, Cobey, so it wasn’t a total bumber. Hey, for totally natural looking brows using totally natural ingredients thats gonna last me 2 years-its all worth it wouldn’t ya say?!  Thank you Browhaus! 🙂

The Browhaus team is so awesome that they are offering my readers (thats YOU!) a trial of the Brow Resurrection Natural for just $300 (usual price is $2,140) til May 15 2013 at the following outlets- Browhaus  Cathay,  ION,  Katong,  Raffles  City  Basement  &  Street  Level! Pretty cool right? All you have to do is quote “STEPHANIE CARRINGTON” to redeem this offer! Do let me know if you want to head down for the treatment. 🙂


Browhaus has 13 outlets in Singapore. Visit http://www.browhaus.com for contact details.

Pretty, CLEAN Nails!

The other day I decided to treat myself to a nice mani and pedi. I couldn’t even remember the last time I got my nails professionally done. I know it’s been awhile but has it really been THAT long that I didn’t even realize the cool things that have come out in the market?! I was doing the usual, selecting the nail color before getting started, when I realized there was a whole row of nail colors from a brand that I had never seen or heard of before. Being the beauty junkie that I am, I just had to scope out the deets! So check this out-the brand is SPARITUAL and the range of nail colors they carry is not only organic but completely VEGAN! Pretty awesome right?! So society’s new found obsession with health and organic products have now reached our nail polish bottles!
I tested ‘Last Tango’ on my toes. LOVE IT! The color is fun, vibrant and adds a great pop to any ensemble! The salon I went to carries around 10-12 different shades so there’s plenty to choose from. This may still be considered limited compared to the more known brands that have been out on the market for awhile, but hey…..at least now there is an option to organically beautify our nails! I asked around and apparently there are a few other brands that have organic nail polish-can’t wait to test them out! Once I do, will be sure to let ya guys know my thoughts! Organic (and vegan!) nail polish…..wonder what they’ll come up with next?! :p
Here’s what it looks like on my toes. The lighting isn’t that great, but you can still see how the color pops! 🙂