A Peek Into My Carry-On Bag…

I’ve always been the type to pack my bag, whether its my daily handbag or travel suitcase, with things for that ‘just in case’ situation. It rains unexpectedly in Singapore so ‘just in case’, I have my umbrella. The heat can sometimes get unbearable so ‘just in case’, I have my handheld fan. I may get a hangnail while I’m out so ‘just in case’, I have my nail clippers. Who know’s what will happen and where right? Ok, so I didn’t need ALL the things in my bag every single day and my arms sure weren’t enjoying the torture of lugging it all around. So slowly over the years I’ve gotten better at downsizing and picking out just the major necessities (it was harder than it sounds). Yes, my handbag is still on the big-ish side, but trust me, it’s alot lighter than it used to be.
Over the years, I have got a lot better in my packing for holidays! Oh gosh, it would take me FOREVER to pack for a trip! I now pack my bag(s) with the things I know I will use and although it can be hard at times, I try to disregard the nitty gritty ‘just in case’ situations that ‘may just pop up’. Lets start with my carry-on bag -I pack it with my usual key essentials I feel are musts to take on board. After several trial and errors of going on different trips, these are my top 10 things that I normally like to have in my carry-on bag:
  • Healthy snacks: I LOVE snacking! I pack a variety of different healthy snacks or I pre-make my own trail mix to munch on during a flight. They can also be life savers when the inflight food turns out to be gross. Some of my fav snack options: mixed nuts, fruits, pretzels
  • Vitamins: Flying is tiring on our bodies so I like to pack a mutlivitamin and a vitamin C  to ensure I don’t fall sick during my trip. Echinacea is also a good idea to stave off those germs in a closed cabin!
  • Tea: Tea is loaded with antioxidants which will help our bodies fight off germs that can cause us to fall sick. So I like to take a couple tea bags(my favourites are green tea and camomile) and I ask the flight attendant for a hot cup of water whenever I’m wanting a hot beverage. Also, when the flight attendant goes around with tea and coffee, I opt for the tea.
  • Sanitizer: I always carry a packet of sanitary wipes or small bottle of liquid hand sanitizer with me. With the amount of people on board a flight, imagine all the different kinds of germs! Ewww! Who knows what we’ll catch from who! Better to be safe than sorry, I say!
  • Moisturizer: The air is so dry when flying so a moisturizer is a must!
  • Lip balm: Our pouts need just as much love and care as our skin whilst flying. So I make sure to slather on the balm -regularly!
  • Throat lozenges or sweets: I find sometimes the dry air can make my throat a bit dry so I like to suck on lozenges or sweets.Also, sucking on a hard boiled candy/lozenger upon takeoff and landing is good to help your ear pressure.
  • Spray water: Great to freshen up the skin when its feeling dry or as a cooling pick me up when feeling tired and lethargic- Love it!
  • Shawl or jacket:  The temperature on a flight is unpredictable, but most of the time it gets quite chilly. So I like to dress light and pack a shawl or a light jacket, which is easy take on or off depending on how cold or  warm it gets.
  • Entertainment: Whether it’s a book, magazine or music, I make sure to pack some sort of entertainment to give me an option other than what is offered on board. Entertainment makes us happy and happiness makes us healthy!! 🙂

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